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India | IST | MS Excel Online Live Workshop for Beginners

India | IST | MS Excel Online Live Workshop for Beginners

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Live workshop via Google Meet

This workshop is for Individuals with no prior experience with Microsoft Excel.

  • Gain a foundational understanding of the Excel interface and its key components.
  • Master basic formatting techniques to enhance data presentation.
  • Apply essential Excel functions for various calculations and data manipulation.
  • Utilize lookup functions (VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP) to efficiently retrieve data.
  • Explore the power of PivotTables for data summarization and analysis.
  • Create impactful charts and graphs to visually represent data.
  • Understand the basic functionalities of Solver for optimization.
  • Implement conditional formatting for automatic data visualization and highlighting.

Course Structure:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Excel: Getting started, Navigating the spreadsheet, Entering and editing data.
  • Module 2: Basic Formatting: Cell formatting, Conditional formatting
  • Module 3: Essential Excel Functions: Mathematical functions, logical functions, Date & Time functions, 
  • Module 4: Lookup Functions: VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP
  • Module 5: PivotTables and Charts: Creating Pivot tables, Analysing data, creating charts. Best practices while presenting charts.
  • Module 6: Advanced Topics: Solver, Data Validation

Please note: You will receive a separate email invitation for this workshop in the coming days. Please accept the invitation to ensure it is added to your calendar.

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