Crack the B2B Code

2-Hour Workshop for Beginners & Non-Marketers

Welcome to the B2B Marketing Bootcamp, your shortcut to mastering the B2B game in just 2 action-packed hours. Forget dry theory, this workshop is all about real-world strategies used by successful B2B marketing teams.

This workshop is for beginners –new graduates, career changers, non-marketers.

  • B2B Marketing Fundamentals

    Grasp the core concepts and key players in the B2B landscape. Ditch the theory, dive into the real-world tactics that make B2B marketing tick. Learn what actually works in the B2B trenches.

  • Beyond the textbook walls

    Ditch the academic fluff and learn the tactics universities won't tell you.

    We'll dissect websites, EDMs, catalogues, blogs, conferences, LinkedIn, and social media video content. ️

  • Speak B2B fluently

    Impress clients, rock job interviews, and confidently navigate the B2B world.

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Course Delivery

  • Sessions conducted on Google classrooms and Google Meet
  • 2 hours of practical, hands-on learning
  • Interactive exercises and case studies
  • Live Q&A sessions with your expert instructor
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Course breakdown

  1. Introduction to B2B
  2. The various branches and relationships for the modern B2B marketer
  3. Websites
  4. Blogs
  5. B2B E-commerce
  6. EDMs
  7. Catalogues
  8. Conferences
  9. Sales decks
  10. Podcasts
  11. Social media

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